Girls Industrial School

Girls Industrial School 

The Ohio Historical Society is pleased to announce a new addition to our Online Resources: Girls Industrial School Inmates’ Case Records Index. We have added these records to the Boys Industrial School Index so that one search finds both young men and women. We hope that this online index improves access to this resource for genealogical and family history research. Currently, this database indexes the admission records from 1869 to 1943.

Over the years, the school has had several name changes: 1869-1872, State Reform and Industrial School for Girls; 1872-1878, Girls’ Industrial Home; 1878-1965, Girls’ Industrial School; after 1965, Scioto Village; and later, Riverview Juvenile Correctional Facility. The State Reform and Industrial School for Girls was created by act of the Ohio General Assembly on March 5, 1869. The purpose of the school was “the reformation of exposed, helpless, evil disposed, and vicious girls.” In 1878, the term “incorrigible” was added. A five-member board of trustees purchased a piece of property known as the Ohio White Sulphur Springs Resort, eighteen miles north of Columbus. The first six girls were admitted to the school in October 1869.

There are two State Archives Series dealing with the Girls Industrial School inmates that researchers will find interesting.

Series 649 consists of the Ohio Girls’ Industrial School Register of girls received and paroled from 1881-1944. These records list girls received at and paroled from the school. Receiving records include inmate’s name, number, date of receiving, date of birth, race, county of residence, family number, and remarks. Discharge records include inmate’s name, discharge date, number, whether or not on trial, whether or not under limitation, whether or not indentured, whether or not paroled by a special act of the board, whether or not deceased, whether or not escaped, and remarks. These records are not on microfilm, researchers must use original records in the Reading Room.

Series 653, the Ohio Girls’ Industrial School Inmate case records, 1869 to 1911, are completely indexed online. These records (on microfilm GR 3405-GR3406) are arranged chronologically and contain case records listing inmate’s name, number, date received, birth date, age, nationality, father’s name, mother’s name, habits of parents, education of parents, occupation of father, county of residence, court, name of sentencing judge, office held by judge, offense, education level, health, any special marks, employment (if any), and miscellaneous remarks.

Researchers may use the index to collect volume and page numbers for specific records. Visitors to the Archives/Library may use the microfilm or original records free of charge at the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus, and make copies there for a nominal fee, currently 25 cents per page. If you wish to mail in your request, Research Services staff will make uncertified copies and mail them to you for $7.00 per record.

Visit the Girls Industrial School Inmates’ Case Records Index at

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4 Responses to Girls Industrial School

  1. Im looking for an inmate Girl that was at Scioto Village between the years of 1968-1972,she took cosmotolgy,and graduated.Her name then was Lorraine Persinger ive been searching for her for the past 38 yrs.If someone out there that know her and her whereabouts please get ahold of me,im hoping so much to see her.My address is 710 Clay St. Galion Ohio,My phone # is 419-777-7338,my E-Mail is,and my name is Mike Mowery

  2. says:

    The link to the index is broken.I want to look up my grandmother and her sister(s) who were inmates in the late 1890s. David Wilkes When I get to look at the index, what is the address for the physical records?

    • ohiohistory says:

      Here is the link to the Select Ohio Public Records Index: You can search this index by name for the Girls Industrial School and other state records. To order a copy of records found in the Girls Industrial School index contact the Research Services department at You can also view the Girls Industrial School records in the Archives/Library Research Room during open hours, Wednesday-Saturday, 10 AM – 5 PM. The Ohio History Connection Archives/Library is on the third floor of the Ohio History Center at the intersection of I-71 and 17th Avenue in Columbus, Ohio. Here is a link to the Archives/Library web page:

      Thank you,
      L. Wood, Curator for Visual Resources

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