Civil War Research

With the Civil War Sesqui-Centennial coming up in 2011, we expect there to be a surge of interest in all things Civil War. Researchers looking into their Civil War ancestors can find a wealth of information in published and original records in the holdings of the Ohio Historical Society.

Researchers can access our Online Computer Catalog for information about the items we hold for the Civil War. Our catalog is at the following Web address:
Researchers can access our library holdings by choosing to do an “Archives/Library Collections” search. One can search for information in a variety of ways. A Subject Keyword search can be done by the term: army infantry ohio regiment #. You have to use the combination of the words army, type of regiment, ohio and the number of the regiment in order to get the search to work properly.

You can also do an Author Keyword search by the name: ohio adjutant general’s. Again, you have to type the search term exactly as ohio adjutant general’s in order to retrieve the list of items for the author keyword search to work. There will be numerous items (over 400) for the Ohio Adjutant General’s Office, but this is the best way to make sure that you do not miss something related to Ohio’s participation in the Civil War.

The items listed in the Online Collection Catalog are not available to be read in full-text online. If you find items of interest, you are welcome to come into the library to review them. If you are not able to visit, please let us know so that we can explain our policies for getting access to them.

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