Pickawillany Lab and interesting stats

The Pickawillany lab work is coming along very well. Picture one is of Bill Pickard diligently working away. The material has been examined (picture two) washed, weighed, measured (picture three), cataloged and rebagged. Each items provenience (the grid location where item was found) has been entered into the database and distribution maps created.

After reviewing field and lab information, here are a few bits of information you might find interesting.

• 28 days of field work were scheduled for 2006
• 9 days were cancelled due to rain.
• High temperatures ranged from 25-75 degrees, with the average being 48 degrees.
• 7 volunteers and 2 interns worked a total of 270 hours on the project.
• 30,000 square meters of geophysics were surveyed.
• 32,400 square meters of metal detecting was completed.
• 1162 hits investigated and of those 68 Pickawillany related artifacts recovered.
• Basically for every 17 hits investigated 1 Pickawillany era item was recovered.

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