Pickawillany: Final days of field work

A ‘field of poppies’, otherwise known as pin flags, are located behind Diana Jacobs, Bill Pickard and Michael Thornton. In a single 10×40 meter unit 99 pin flags marked metallic hits. You might think this would signify an area of Pickawillany related activity. But it is not the case. Only 2 Pickawillany period items were located here. The remaining 97 items were fence wire, fence staples, barbed wire, and round and square cut nails. Based on this, and historic aerial photographs, this unit is in an area where an historic fence line came through the property.

Bill Pickard and Toni Gambill did the last metal detection survey unit while Dr Jarrod Burks from Ohio Valley Archaeology and Dr Julieanne Phillips from Urbana University, despite the cold, had an enjoyable time doing their electrical resistance survey.

While the rain delays put us behind schedule, the hard work and flexibility of the volunteers and interns helped us catch up and we were able to complete the metal detector survey and this years geophysical survey. Without their help (an amazing 270 hours of work) none of this would not have been possible and we thank them!

Interns: Toni Gambill and Michael Thornton from Urbana University.

Volunteers: Jim Bartlett, Blair Elfrink, Veronica Frost, Revonda Gentry, Diana Jacobs, Dee Minnich, and Joe Shaffer

We also thank Piqua Historical Area Site Manager Andy Hite and all his staff for their invaluable assistance.

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