Wright State Field School Week 6 (Media post)

The site was the focus of media attention the last couple weeks of the field school.

The first to publicize the Wright State University field school work was the Wilmington News Journal. The story can be seen at: http://www.wnewsj.com/main.asp?SectionID=46&SubSectionID=144&ArticleID=149026&TM=10257.35

Matt Shullek from The Ohio Historical Society’s Web and Multi-Media Department (picture 1) made several visits to record the excavation process. And Kathy Hoke, also OHS, sent out a press release to various news related organizations. This can be seen at http://www.ohiohistory.org/about/pr/11140306205/release.html

John Switzer, columnist for the Columbus Dispatch, spent some time interviewing Dr. Riordan (picture 2). To read this, go to http://www.dispatch.com/news-story.php?story=dispatch/2006/08/06/20060806-B2-01.html01.html

And finally, Christina Morgan from WOSU 820 AM NRP interviewed staff and field school participants for a piece which aired on NPR’s All Things Considered and Morning Edition. Picture 4 shows Kat Landers being interviewed. Also pictured are (left to right) are Phyllis Rigney, Angela Chavez and Christina Davis. For the audio and text versions you can go to http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/wosu/news.newsmain?action=article&ARTICLE_ID=950597

The Ohio Historical Society thanks Dr. Robert Riordan and all the students and volunteers (listed below) for the enthusiasm and professionalism they demonstrated throughout the project and we look forward to continued investigations in 2007.

Students: Brian Beiersdorfer, Patricia Brechlin, Angela Chavez, Sarah Clark, Christina Davis, William Laib, Kathleen Landers, Allison Leet, Bill Martin, Sandra Millard, Thomas Miller, Phyllis Rigney, Katherine Rippl, Daniel Ross, Joseph Shaffer, Dean Wells, Anna Zalusky

Volunteers: Veronica Frost, Chris Mangin, Katie Ulrich, Larry Wickliff

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