Wright State Field School Week 5 (Feature post)

Weather this week was rather warm and muggy. It rained some of the evenings, most of the day Wednesday and then again Thursday evening. So much so on Thursday that Friday morning each Trench had to be bailed out. Picture one is of the bucket brigade (what teamwork!) created to remove water from Trench B.

Trench A excavations continued and revealed more post molds (picture two). They appear to be grouped in several locations and not just in one single line as one might expect for the “outline” of a circular enclosure. Perhaps there were a series of rows composing this portion of the enclosure. Or maybe they served another function. As additional posts are located, they are painstakingly mapped in by the students (picture three).

Trench B features were also investigated, mapped and photographed. The largest features of note is 06-22. A squarish, red patch of earth located near the center of the Trench (picture four). Found in close proximity to this feature were close to one hundred pottery sherds. Picture five shows one of the larger intact pieces that have been recovered.

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