Wright State Field School Week 3

Rain, rain, hot, humid and down right miserable pretty much sums up this weeks field conditions at the excavation. However, between the rain threats the crew was able to expose and document some very interesting features.

The first picture is of Feature 6-1 in Trench A. Trench A is investigating the construction of the circular enclosure. Here you see the profile of one of the general surface rock clusters. The subsoil has yet to be reached in this location so a continued expansion of this unit it planned for next week.

The second picture is of Trench B. Trench B is located in the very center of the enclosure. This is where a large magnetic anomaly was seen in the geophysics data (http://www.ohiohistory.org/places/ftancien/fa-01.html). This picture shows a large burned/reddened area in the upper left hand corner. Surrounding it appears to be several large (12-16 inch in diameter) post holes. The upper portion of the unit is composed of black soil and rock clusters. Next week the remaining four blocks of soil located on the left side of the picture will be excavated to the same level and who knows what fascinating features will be discovered?!

Until the next installment,


P.S. One of the families visiting the site this week had a great observation. They asked if the earth squares (as seen in Trench B) were prehistoric features. Actually no. These pedestals are location markers for the excavation crew. They show where each individual square unit is in reference to the whole trench. And they help the crew to make sure their recording lines are straight and level so they can take accurate measurements.

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