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A prestidigitator could not do better with your soiled shirts!

What is a prestidigitator you ask?  An illusionist or magician!  When is that last time you can think of someone using the word prestidigitator in normal conversation?  No one calls David Copperfield a prestidigitator, and I don’t blame them.  Calling … Continue reading

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What is the Gay Ohio History Initiative?

June is Pride Month! Join curator Emily Lang for a talk on Saturday, June 14th featuring collections from the Gay Ohio History Initiative (GOHI) at 2 PM on the museum floor of the Ohio History Center. What is GOHI? The … Continue reading

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Still Time to Vote in Ohio Memory Madness

Ohio Memory Madness Final Four voting has begun. Who’s (I mean “what’s”) still in the running to become the 2014 Ohio Memory Madness Champion? • Defibrillator Prototype from the Dittrick Medical History Center vs. Dan Emmett Violin from the Ohio … Continue reading

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Who’s Who of the Ohio Penitentiary (pre-1923 edition)

The Ohio Penitentiary saw many prisoners escorted into the confines of its stone walls with chains around their ankles, keeping them segregated from the rest of the world.  The prison held those who committed crimes as petty as theft or … Continue reading

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More to Discover about the Albert J. Ewing Collection

A recent article about the exhibit Faces of Appalachia: Photographs by Albert Ewing in the Marietta Times is spreading the word about the exhibit in southeastern Ohio. People in the area think there may be people and places pictured in … Continue reading

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Who Is Margaret Garner?

The Story of a Fugitive Mother Who Killed to Protect Her Child from Slavery In 1987, Ohio-born writer Toni Morrison published Beloved. The famous novel tells the story of former slave Sethe and her daughter living in post-Civil War Cincinnati. … Continue reading

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Four Dead in Ohio: Commemorating Kent State

Kent students protesting against a backdrop of tear gas May 4th is a date that looms large in Ohio history, as well as in the memory of many Americans. Today marks the 42nd anniversary of the shootings at Kent State University, … Continue reading

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Columbus Bicentennial: OSU Edition

Posted on by Ohio Memory on March 30th, 2012 | 0 Comments » Aerial view postcard of the Ohio State campus, ca. 1940 In the second installment of our Columbus bicentennial series, which looks at the capital city’s landmarksthrough the years, we’d like to … Continue reading

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Test Your Ohio Memory!

Posted by Ohio Memory Test taking. Courtesy of Pontifical College Josephinum Here at Ohio Memory, we are always working on new ways for users to interact with the digital materials from our collections. So today we’re excited to let you know about … Continue reading

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Celebrating Women’s History Month in Ohio Memory

Women ordnance workers (“WOWs”) during World War II Since 1987, March has been nationally recognized as Women’s History Month–a month set aside to celebrate the achievements of women and the singular role they have played in the American story. The … Continue reading

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